Upgrade your security with the Hikvision 4-Camera Kit – DS-QT2016-4I. This kit includes four high-definition cameras with night vision and a network video recorder (NVR) for comprehensive surveillance.

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    The Hikvision 4-Camera Kit – DS-QT2016-4I is a comprehensive surveillance solution that ensures the safety and security of your home or business. This kit includes four high-definition cameras and a robust network video recorder (NVR) to provide you with a complete monitoring system. Whether you want to keep an eye on your property day or night, in any weather conditions, this Hikvision kit offers exceptional performance and ease of use.
    Key Features:

    1. High-Definition Video: Each camera in this kit delivers crisp 720 HD video, ensuring clear and detailed footage.
    2. Night Vision: Equipped with infrared (IR) LEDs, the cameras provide excellent night vision capabilities, allowing you to monitor your premises in low-light or complete darkness.
    3. Weatherproof Design: The cameras are built to withstand the elements, featuring an IP67-rated weatherproof housing, making them suitable for outdoor use.
    4. Wide Viewing Angle: With a wide-angle lens, these cameras cover a broad area, minimizing blind spots and providing extensive coverage.
    5. Motion Detection: The cameras support motion detection, which triggers alerts and recordings when movement is detected, enhancing security.
    6. Remote Viewing: The NVR enables remote viewing on your smartphone or computer, so you can monitor your property from anywhere with an internet connection.
    7. H.265+ Video Compression: This efficient video compression technology reduces storage and bandwidth requirements, ensuring you can store more footage for longer.


    • Camera Resolution: 720 HD
    • Camera Lens: Fixed lens with a wide viewing angle
    • Night Vision Range: Up to 30 meters (100 feet)
    • Weatherproof Rating: IP67 for outdoor use
    • NVR Channels: Supports up to 4 camera channels
    • Storage: Accommodates up to 1 hard drive for video storage (not included)
    • Video Compression: H.265+ for efficient storage and bandwidth usage
    • Remote Viewing: Via Hik-Connect app on mobile devices and iVMS-4200 software on a computer
    • Power Supply: DC 12V for cameras
    • Connectivity: Ethernet and USB ports on the NVR
    • Dimensions (NVR): Compact and space-saving design

    The Hikvision 4-Camera Kit – DS-QT2016-4I offers a reliable and user-friendly security solution, providing peace of mind and surveillance capabilities that can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s for your home or business, this kit ensures you can monitor and protect your property effectively.