Shop Cooler Master Caliber X1C Gaming Chair GREY

Cooler Master Caliber X1C Gaming Chair GREY


Activate your god mode with our innovative COOL-IN Fabric Technology and ergonomic workstation design. Get ready to one-hit KO the competition from the comfort of your ice-cold Caliber X1C!

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    Total Height Range 130-138cm / 51.2″-54.3″
    Backrest Height 86cm / 33.9″
    Backrest Width 58cm / 22.8″
    Armrest to Armrest 72cm / 28.3″
    Seat Width (including sides) 54cm / 21.3″
    Seat Depth 54cm / 21.3″
    Diameter of Base: 70cm / 27.6″
    Metal Plate Thickness: 1.5mm
    Armrest Adjustability: 30-37cm / 11.8″-14.6″
    Floor to Seat Top: 50-58cm / 19.7″-22.8″
    Height Adjustability: 8cm / 3.1″
    Armrest Width Adjustability: 1.5cm / 0.6″
    Recline: 90-180 degree
    Armrest 4D: (lift, sway, swivel, forward)
    Headrest: Ergonomic Pillow
    Extra Padded Backrest: Built-in pillow (hidden stripes)
    Surface Material: Eco-friendly fabric (Non toxic polyester) on front
    Inner Material: Cold molded foam
    Frame Material: Steel
    Base (leg): Aluminum
    Caster: 75mm / 3.0″
    Gas Lift: Class 4
    Net Weight: 24.7kg / 54.5lbs
    Gross Weight: 29.0kg / 63.9lbs
    Max. Weight Load: 150kg / 330lbs
    Product: Gaming Chair
    Chair Type: Caliber X1 Series, Cooling Series