Shop 4-ch 1080p Lite 1U H.265 eSSD DVR – DS-E04HGHI-B

4-ch 1080p Lite 1U H.265 eSSD DVR – DS-E04HGHI-B


Designed for surveillance systems. It supports 1080p Lite resolution, providing clear and detailed video footage for monitoring purposes.

This DVR utilizes H.265 video compression technology, which allows for efficient storage of video data while maintaining good image quality. The “1U” designation refers to its compact 1U rack-mountable form factor, making it suitable for space-conscious installations.

Additionally, the mention of “eSSD” suggests support for external solid-state drives (SSD) for enhanced storage options, enabling reliable and high-performance data storage for surveillance footage.

Overall, the DS-E04HGGI-B is designed to offer reliable and efficient video recording capabilities for small to medium-sized surveillance setups, ensuring effective monitoring and security.

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    • Powered by eSSD technology.
    • Deep learning-based human and vehicle targets classification of Motion Detection 2.0
    • Scene-adaptive bitrate control video compression
    • Up to 1080p Lite@30 fps encoding capability.
    • Low power consumption
    • Audio via coaxial cable