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Gasoline Chain Saw 24″


This engine provides ample power to tackle tough cutting jobs with ease.

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    Length of blade: 24″
    Engine: 1-Cylinder,2-Stroke, Air-cooling
    Displacement: 58CC
    Rated output power: 2.6Kw
    Chain pitch: 3/8″/0.325″
    Gauge: 0.050″/0.058″
    Relevant speed: 7000rpm
    Idle speed: 3000rpm
    Oil/Fuel mixture ratio: 1:35:00
    Fuel tank capacity: 550ml
    Oil tank capacity: 260ml
    Engine: The chain saw is equipped with a high-performance 62CC two-stroke gasoline engine. This engine provides ample power to tackle tough cutting jobs with ease.
    Cutting Bar: It features a 24-inch cutting bar, which refers to the length of the guide bar that holds the chain. This size is ideal for handling larger trees and thick logs.
    Chain and Chain Brake: The chain saw is fitted with a sharp and durable chain, specifically designed for fast and precise cutting. Additionally, it has a chain brake mechanism for enhanced safety. The chain brake stops the chain from rotating in case of kickback or emergency situations.
    Fuel System: The saw operates on gasoline, which is stored in a fuel tank. It uses a carburetor to mix the fuel with air, providing the necessary power for the engine.
    Starting Mechanism: The chain saw features an easy-start system, which typically involves a pull-start mechanism. This allows for quick and hassle-free starting of the engine.